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Because of the incredible growth of IT and ITeS companies, sound infrastructure, and a plethora of housing options across different income groups, Pune has find come out as one of the most wanted realty destinations for buyers in India and abroad.

There are many flats for sale in Pune. You can also find a resale property in Pune. It is easy to feel confused when looking for a property there as housing options in Pune are as wide-ranged as the tastes of people in the city. So what must you consider while buying a property in Pune? Consider the four As Aim, Area, Amount, and lastly the Application. What this theory tries to do is to make one aware of why you would want to invest in Pune real estate and what your expectations are from that area. Also house , the area that you choose should be able to accommodate a family. Let us talk some more about buying property in Pune.

Purpose of buying the house

First, figure out why you are business you buying a home! Is it for self-use? Or are you investing in a promising property for selling it off later at a higher price? Or are you thinking about it because you want to rent it out for some time and then probably move in or resell it? The answers to these questions influence buying decisions in a big way.

Where to buy the house?

Once you know why you want to buy, you can decide on which are of Pune you want to buy it in. So if you are someone who has moved to Pune because of work, areas like Magarpatta, Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Hinjewadi, Aundh, and Koregaon Park, maybe the best for you. These areas boast of a diverse and cosmopolitan population. Also, these localities are good even if you are renting a place because of many people who have moved to Pune live there.

Similarly, if you are a Maharashtrian, and would like to be connected to the core areas of the city, then areas like Bavdhan and Sinhagad Road, and so on would suit you better. Moreover, each location has a distinct surrounding and lifestyle which should be considered when buying property in Pune.

Points for Outsiders to Consider when investing in Pune’s realty market

For people who have migrated to Pune here are some pointers:

·         Pinpoint the purpose of buying the flat – whether it is for renting out, self-use, resale or investment.

·         If you are planning to move in, consider putting a date to when you want to do it.

·         If you are planning to move out later, find out about the current rental market to ensure return on investment.

·         If you are buying a property for self-use, check whether the social and physical infrastructure in the area is as per your needs.

·         Before you make the down payment, find out your home loan eligibility with banks.

·         Always consult with a property expert, to find out more about the locality and for flexibility in buying and selling the property.

What we discussed here today should help you buy a good house in Pune. Happy House Hunting!



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